THE·KINSKY is about candid conversations, the power of fashion, arts, ideas and opinions. Created in 2014, The Kinsky offers freedom of speech and becomes the platform to discover extraordinary and talented people all around us.


In order to present your work on THE·KINSKY, kindly follow the steps below:

  1. · Send us your work  and we will get in touch with you only if we are interested to  feature it on THE·KINSKY,
  2. · Once you hear from us, please prepare a press release, biography and collection or project description which you will need to send along with photographs in high resolution (JPG) accompanied with full credits such as photographer, hair, make-up, model, websites.
  3. · Any info, texts and credits sheet must always be in Word Document. Kindly avoid PDF as we are not able to use them.
  4. · Submit your work at infothekinsky©gmail.com


THE·KINSKY does not financially reward for any services provided. You participate by choice. If you would like to become a writer, kindly submit your CV and examples of previous works, links etc.

THE·KINSKY is a project by Filep Motwary