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By Filep Motwary

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The fall/winter 15 collection by Laurence Airline explores uncharted territories while broadens its repertoire, keeping its genuine artisan roots, while finding innovative ways to incorporate exclusive prints within knit and outerwear pieces. With a relaxed and confident guy in mind, Laurence Chauvin-Buthaud imagines the ultimate wardrobe for everyday wear, envisaging her signature shirts as the brand’s core segment. Underlining movement and ease, the collection appeals to men with different tastes and personalities, coming up with seductive options and unpretentious clothes.

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This season, coats and jackets make a strong statement. A reworked army parka has a slight A-line shape and a cocoon-like feel, done in soft navy wool with a contrasting printed trim. Tailored items manage to be light and functional at the same time, from a bold printed blazer to a stylish bomber. Paired with narrow pants, they look fresh and youthful, staying away from fussy details to create a cleaner silhouette. Updating the idea of the traditional suit, the designer also offers fully printed ensembles, including blazer, shirt and pants. They underline her sense of playfulness, as well as her cheerful energy.

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Knitwear is introduced within the line, keeping shapes simple and styles body-conscious. A six-button cardigan is made out of three different colored yarns, trimmed with square contrasting pockets. A dark green crew neck sweater features a textured geometrical panel across the chest, recalling the abstract paintings of Victor Vasarely. Echoing the upbeat charm of the 1960s, knits have a timely retro flavor, complementing the designer’s prints beautifully. Mixed on her tailored shirts, they range from vintage necklace motifs to graphic stripes and dots. Deep and masculine, the color palette includes dark navy, bottle green, beige and burgundy. Bright shades punctuate shirts to give them a sharp and urban edge, from flashes of yellow and orange to white and aqua.


Laurence Airline

FilepMotwary: So Laurence, how did everything start for you?

LaurenceAirline: Nothing really planned , I like to be active , I love meeting people , I love creating projects. That how everything starts…

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FM: Why you have chosen fashion as your profession in the first place.

LA: I didn’t choose fashion, fashion choose me. I saw it as a challenge

FM: How did you form the LAURENCEAIRLINE hero, the man you dress?

LA: With strong and positive feelings that mix  when i meet people all around the planet , that feeling gives me an input , an instinctive direction_MG_7269

FM:Who is this man ?

LA: A free spirit , my men want to look the way they feel

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FM: Do you feel fashion is changing? If yes to which direction?

LA: Yes! What was considered luxury in the past is now much more accessible.

FM: What is the most important thing a young designer must know?

LA: To live/work considering he is living in  the real world, not fantasy

FM: Have worked for other designers before you launched your own collection?

LA: Yes, for Louis Vuitton

FM: How did it help you?

LA: Structuring my mind

FM: What shall we expect from you in the near future?

LA: Surprise !!!


Shop the FW15  collection here shop.laurenceairline.com


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