By Marlo Saalmink

A quiet ascend, wooden stairs, bamboo shoots, green flora, each step a pensive reminder of where we find ourselves. As I approach further, a warm space envelops me, inside it, a calm silhouette, oozing intelligent composure. There was not a need to speak, but one to converse, there was not a need to listen, but to simply observe. My conversation with AMY GLENN, set over the weeks, following a calm meeting during the Paris men’s presentations, turned out to be one filled with pensive sincerity, a moment so rare in fashion, amidst the swerves of the successive looming seasons.

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The relevance of welcoming her into our readers arms, simply does not need stating. Hers is a world of sincere creation, items carefully yielded with her bare hands, always one at a time, never without a pre-text. Our dialogue begins with an assessment of creation. AMY GLENN tells me that: ‘’For me, creation is not a beginning nor an end, I live this process. Many notes, many tests, many pieces have been created to walk away from, to be given time to ripen, time to show layers, more layers until alive. Here it is transcended to whomever wears, yet this may be called the real beginning of each creation’’. As she explains me this, I remember carefully handling the jewelry pieces spread out in front of me, over a cup of refreshing tea. All shapes, materials, curves, nooks appear organic and are unique in their commute towards interaction.


It is within this journey, I would like to ask her, why she surrounds herself with the specific materials she uses. Her response is as ethereal as the graphic ring I am holding: ‘’Essentials tools for me are water, sun, air, fire in the case of my sculptures and painting. I do have a minimal side that I feel is the base for much of my work, possibly a cube or a sphere, a square or a circle, yet it is a balance between the natural and a solid foundation of form. Nature fosters movement, this alive quality, is the gift of the senses, a release of control’’. For me, this release is important in the dogma absolved universe of A147G. Both her individually tied, treated, crafted and painted tees and the previously annotated jewelry, work with the senses and their beholders.


It is challenging to define our world. As we touch upon this, it appears clear to me, we need to speak of reaction, to such turmoil and irreverence. Amy reciprocates: ‘’The world has turmoil, rapid change, this is wholly inevitable. I believe one of the most painful realizations within the turmoil is self imposed, disassociation and a lack of self responsibility through the addiction to technology. Technology is a tool, yet it seems to have taken over a humans ability to interact from within and with one another. My world constitutes a tremendous amount of silence and time spent in solitude.’’ Here, we meet as equals, as her work so harmonically embraces a collected state of self, where pausing is encouraged, instead of kicking at the wheels of innovation and sullen mundanity.


A147G captures a sense of contemporary autonomy. One of a creator shaping continuous meaning and movement. As society forgets to seek for innovation from within, her work serves as a moving reminder of forlorn sartorial conventions and spiritual redemption of self. As she put it: ‘’I exist rooted in the now, yet there is the pressure of forward motion due to time, schedules, growth, so I do my best not to fight the system that is set up, rather continue from the solidity of inner creative pressure rather than outside forces’’

AMY GLENN clearly is moved by crafting her art, carefully presented to her poised audience, always locked in an open dialogue, with a timeless disposition, carefully weighing each thought, without proverbial hesitation. A world of utter purity, stripped of all societal demise.


All images by Rahi Rezvani

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