By Marino Bombini

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«The collection gave so much adrenaline off, I had to walk a lot after the show to calm down a bit. But still I’ve got plenty of it, I feel so energetic right now, it seems endless.»

Pure Marco De Vincenzo in those words. It’not hard to believe it, because when you are with him you may literally touch his  enthusiasm, strive and tenacity. And at the same time by his tireless talking you feel he (former enfant prodige of Italian fashion now claimed international reality himself) really is the ultimate, multifaceted  designer:

«I was into creativity since I was a child. At that time I didn’t know I wanted to be a designer, but I did know I could find comfort in create something, being it writing or drawing».

Marco De Vincenzo was born in Messina, Sicily, «no place is more distant from fashion than that», but it didn’t take too much to fly off there and land to more suitable cities, first Rome then Milan. «Yes, no doubt, there are places that fit fashion more than others, where it’s “easier” to do fashion, but – you know – nowadays fashion weeks are all over the world. Countries, from far east to Oceania and so on, host amazing shows, and it’s good, it could open so many doors to young guys.»


There was a fashion week also in Kiev, just the days when Crimeans voted to reconnect to Russia: «Yeah, I know what you mean. It sounds like a paradox, does it? On one side you see a country on the verge of a revolution, of a radical change, and on the other you see this opposite glamorous world. It’s as if those two realities are on parallel tracks. But it’s not so.  Creativity must overcome hard times, and it maybe succeeds in trouble waters more than onto straight roads. It can only help. I would see those events in an optimistic way, or at least I’d love to see it’s so».


Wmagazine: Marco de Vincenzo, with models wearing his designs, at a Giò Ponti–designed hospital chapel in Milan. Special thanks to Gruppo Ospedaliero San Donato Foundation. Photography by Emma Summerton
Styled by Giovanna Battaglia

His optimism is due mainly because he finally have himself put in the right right circle, the place where he belongs to on the star map: «Hopefully (laughs). Many said so, I don’t know, it hasn’t been always like that. I had hard times in the past, in the beginning of this path. Some time I also thought I could quit. To give up is always a fascinating way to avoid failure, even if I didn’t precisely fail. It was more an unquestionable lack of means to do what I wanted to do. Being on yourself for all the managing (not to mention financial) aspects draws unrepresentable limits. Finally I received a help from a luxury group, but I think I deserved it.

I reached that point step by step. For others it could have been faster for others slower, to me it’s been like it had to be maybe. “What if”’s do not interest me. Look, fashion groups, luxury groups, financial groups are necessary for designers unless you are a group yourself. For sure sometimes you need to find the perfect balance between your need and their need (mostly in term of sale results). But you have to face compromise always in life, so what’s the point to have it also in your job? I really can’t complain»


Maybe because your schedule is not as tight as others? «No, no, my schedule is super tight, I’m already working at next collection for September. To people outside this world it looks like a huge amount of time, but trust me it’s not. Last collection saw me working until the very last minute, but it was worth the effort, in the end I was really glad for what I did, also for the soundtrack with my trusty music-magician».

Is there more room in this thoughtful mind of yours? «Always, there’s always room for new projects and for improving the old ones too. I can’t tell much about new things, they are just in my mind right now, they don’t even have exactly a shape, but you’ll see as soon as they become more real».

And from what we’ve seen it’s real so far we can hardly wait for his next real thing.

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