So, what is UTOPE?

It is a great vision! We are a brand creating wearable electronic design products.

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Who is UTOPE?

A, company founded and owned by Wolfang Langeder in 2012. Its based in Linz, Austria and specializes on the development of smart clothing and wearable electronic ideas. Our focus is to integrate innovative wearable electronic components into design products. We present a menswear collection of cutting edge design pieces, merging the most innovative technologies of our time with elements from sportswear and traditional menswear clothing. It highlights some of the possibilities of this innovative clothing and product line. We also offer design and technological development int he field of wearable electronics for other companies.

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The integrated technology is based on stretchable circuit board technology. It is made out of thermoplastic polyurethane, onto which meander-shaped copper conductors, micro-controllers and further components (LEDs, sensors, a switch) are applied. This technology is adapted for serial production. Sporty Supaheroe´s wearable electronic system is based on this technology. The system consists of 4 interconnected patches, each of them equipped with 16 LEDs (white in the front and red in the back), a motion sensor and a micro-controller. A thin haptic switch on the left
front patch allows turning the system on/ off. A rechargeable battery connected with the system supplies necessary power up to 10 hours. To increase the security and usability of the system it is embedded into a flame-resistive non-woven and a water repellent outer textile layer. This system can be integrated into clothing and accessories, enabling various innovative applications.

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