“GIDDY UP”, is a collaboration between MIKIOSAKABE and DMM.com.

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The designers, Mikio Sakabe and Yusuke Hotchi’s collaborative brand name “GIDDY UP” is an English phrase used when commanding a horse to go faster. GIDDY UP was established with the purpose of “accelerating the understanding of fashion’s future blueprints.

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GIDDY UP’s current collection incorporates familiar production methods for its apparel as well as utilizing DMM.make’s cutting-edge 3D printing technology to develop the shoes and small accessories.
Despite technology’s immature involvement in the fashion market, we aim to continue to introduce new fashion-meets-tech products.

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At GIDDY UP we are aiming to share our design and production capability on the cloud making it available to a larger group of the creative community. This is why we call ourselves“the Cloud Brand”.

Furthermore, to combat the ultra cutthroat market, we count tech as a competitive edge enabling us to deepen the shaping and quality of our products.
We believe that our perception is only challenged by the surrounding environment. Fashion, of course, is the part of, and core of that environment. Thus, has a great possibility of advancing the human experience with today’s technology.
We are trying to create a new connection to clothes with technology while maintaining a comfortable human form and texture.

Photography by Astra Marina Cabras ©

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