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“I could never design something I would not wear myself” stated Christina Zeller, Delvaux newly appointed artistic director, on this rarely sunny Parisian morning…

In an industry where quality and luxury are two overrated words, we are glad to see a brand that is genuinely equivalent with both terms.

French born Zeller, already has a stragedy in mind, to design pieces that will last in time and become objects of desire.

brillant-mm-toile-twist-noir givry-with-me-santiag-alligator-noir

For next winter, Delvaux goes architectural. Graphic lines, clean cuts, and unexpected contrasts define a collection inspired by modern and contemporary Belgian architecture and its most innovative and radical expressions.

This architectural approach reflects a continuum of a long-established history of collaborations with renowned architects who have contributed to the elaboration of design concepts that have become house icons-notably, with Paule Goethals who, in 1958, designed the famous “Le Brillant” handbag.

brillant-gm-astrakan-nude Driven as always by the spirit of innovation that is constantly building on a tradition of celebrated quality, Delvaux reinvents some of its classic designs this season, with the accent, as ever, on the extreme luxury of the materials that lend vibrancy to the collection.

Requiring craftsmanship of the utmost delicacy and precision, exotic and exclusive leathers are more than ever a signature of the house. Handbags and accessories are given an exceptional character, thanks to the refined and precious quality of Galuchat, Astrakan, Alligator, Lizard, Ostrich and Hairy Calf. These exotic leathers-which are sometimes mixed, such as smooth Python with shiny Alligator and Ostrich, or Velvet Calf with shiny Alligator-lend a genuine singularity to Delvaux’s creations.

brillant-charms-mm-ptf-rose-indienWith its radical approach, the season is a vision of contrasts – with pairings of matte and shiny; a mélange of textures; interplays of dark and light, or tone on tone; and juxtapositions of materials that highlight patterns and surfaces…

Inspired by the art of Pierre Soulages, this seaon’s use of black is hardly an afterthought, dominating in the play of tone-on-tone textures, or in combination with blue, in dégradé patterns with a chiaroscuro effect.

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