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Givry With Me PM Polo VÇgÇtal Madame Mini Polo & Galuchat Nude Simplissime Boston Santiag & Cadence Sunset Tempàte Clutch Autruche Flamingo

Luxury accessories label Delvaux has unveiled a global flagship store yesterday in the heart of Paris, at rue de Valois.
Guests, clients and journalists welcomed the new collection of the brand, founded in Brussels in 1829 by Charles Delvaux. The oldest leather luxury goods house in the world showed its new and fresh designs for te spring of 2015.

Inspired by an escape to Normandy, Édouard Manet’s “Luncheon on the Grass” andthe soothing pleasures of the countryside, Delvaux’s new collection plays with textures and vibrant colours.

Brillant MIni Miroir Cuivre Every D Hobo PM Allure bicolore VÇgÇtal & Noir Louise Boston PM Allure Noir & Miroir Cuivre Madame Portefeuille Long Polo & Galuchat Mimosa

Radical lines and smooth leathers are the focus this season, offering a sense of ease and flexibility to everyday bags. Even the most refined and exclusive skins such as the timeless Toile de Cuir and Cuir Oeillet, which transfer a cool and laid-back attitude, underline Delvaux’s complete mastery of its different techniques.

Tempàte Clutch Calf Souple Noir Tempàte GM Toile de Crin & Polo Flamingo Tempàte Micro Alligator Dolce Sunset

Once again, Delvaux gives a truly modern look to its beloved icons, from the ever-changing Brillant to the new Tempête Clutch.This season the iconic Toile de Cuir leather is reinterpreted on the structured Brillant and on the supple Every D line. This exclusive technique was developed in Belgium in the early 1960s. The actual weaving of the leather has been carried out for the Belgian house only since the 1980s, making it utterly unique. Lightweight and elegant, the intricate Toile de Cuir is a Delvaux trademark.

Pin Toile Lin Ivory & Allure VÇgÇtal

The Brillant is also reinterpreted in Cuir Oeillet with bright pink edging, bringing the carnation and painter’s brush to mind. The Box leather is printed, using the same technique employed to embellish silk scarves. All parts are then assembled to form the bag.

A Flamingo Brillant features a textured Toile de Crin front, evoking raw silk and its irregular weave.Mimosa, Sunset and Flamingo are the season’s key options, carefully balanced with earthy and more neutral tones. One of the strongest hues within the collection, Copper colour appears on a striking Brillant Black Edition in metallic leather adorned with studs or a Louise Satchel in smooth leather.cuir lisse.

Louise Boston Allure VÇgÇtal & Miroir Cuivre

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