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FRENN menswear line combines relaxed sophistication with a tailored twist. The AW17 collection has added volume, quirky hybrid shapes and a new product line; knitwear in merino wool. It is about checked patterns, like the city plan of Helsinki. The hues of blues and greys are classic but the unexpected materials and surfaces are far from it. Fabrics include checked wool-alpaca-mohair, washable wool as well as wool flannel. Organic denim and Indigo jersey continue being part of the collection. New, classy knits in merino wool have interesting but subtle design details. The shapes are contemporary and have more volume than before. Together they are the recipe for a contrasting twist to the collection.

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PETRI coat has an updated shoulder line and length. ONNI is a tailored, long coat with asymmetric buttoning. SIMO portrays a new version of classical men´s trousers. FRENN rethinks the obvious and argues which materials are supposed to suit certain shapes. JUSSI is a hybrid of a shirt and a light jacket. SIMO jogging pants made of wool are both stylish and comfortable. Its philosophy at its best. The clothes may seem Nordic and simple, but they always have more to them than meets the eye. Like the Finns; quiet at first glance but straightforward honest, reliable and easy going, when you get to know them. The menswear line is synonymous to exquisite, interesting materials and surprising design details meeting comfortable, but always sharp tailoring skills. In 2013 Jarkko Kallio was walking the streets of New York wearing a unique tailored jacket by Antti Laitinen. Someone tried to buy the jacket off him, then and there. That happened several times. The two creative professionals founded Helsinki-based contemporary menswear line FRENN the same year.


FRENN is designed in Helsinki and responsibly hand-manufactured in Northern Europe from premium, ecologically sourced European materials.

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During Spring 2017 FRENN will attend London Fashion Week Men´s, Tranoi Men´s Paris, Capsule New York with We Shall Run and Ciff Copenhagen.

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