Rots is a limited-edition, iconoclastic brand. Founded in 2017 by fashion designer and visual artist Andrea Rots. Focused on womenswear oftentimes fusing the two genders. A mysteriously seductive and erratic juxtaposition of  the norm..

On the occasion of Rot’s participation in KIMERA’s introductory limited-edition/pop-up exhibition, Andrea Rotsaki collaborated with photographer Filep Motwary in order to create a story and illustrate her SS17 collection.

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KIMERA’s introductory limited-edition/pop-up exhibition ‘GENESIS’ will be presented just for 3 days, on the 9-10-11 of June at Plateia Dimarchias 1016 Nicosia, opposite the Municipal Market.

The opening of the exhibition will take place on Friday, 9th of June at 7:30pm.

The exhibition consists of two fashion brands: EfiEri & Rots. Two sculptors: Constantinos Alpha & Georgia Pozotou.

And a visual artist: Aphrodite Koupepidou. The event is open to anyone intrigued by the unconventional, the unorthodox fusion of the arts in an unforseen environment that aims to offer a new experience to the Cypriot audience.

Kimera, a multidisciplinary artist collective that was founded in January 2017 by four young Cypriot artists that share the same passion and zeal for their work.

(Aphrodite Koupepidou, Andrea Rotsaki & Efi,Eri Melanidou).

Kimera took its name from the monstrous mythological creature ‘Chimera’ (Χίμαιρα). A fire-breathing hybrid creature composed of parts of three animals. Often portayed as a lion, with the head of a goat, and a snake.

Kimera collective seeks to create a platform for diverse and multiple upcoming talents to collaborate in unique and ambitious projects in order to create spontaneous pop-up experiences projecting and promoting their work. To create ‘hybrids’.


Kimera’s introductory limited-edition/pop-up experience, ‘Genesis’ will be presented only for 3 days, on the 9-10-11 of June at Plateia Dimarchias in Nicosia, offering a new experience, a new aesthetic to the Cypriot audience.

The exhibition consists of two fashion designer brands: EfiEri & Rots SS17 collections,two sculptors: Con Alpha & Georgia Pozotou and a Visual Artist: Aphrodite.

The EFIERI clothing brand consists of a creative twin duo producing high quality womenswear and menswear as well as custom-made garments for their clients. EFIERI’s designs mainly explore dark aesthetics with an integration of minimalist line structure veiled by fetishistic details.

Constantinos Alpha is a contemporary artist. He experiments with a variety of materials and his inspiration often comes from religion and mythology.

He creates unusual, well-made and detailed sculptures that can often seem disturbing.

Georgia Pozotou is an ‘existensial’ sculptor. She was always inspired by the human body, more precisely the human existance. Her sculptures are based on human figures concentrating mostly on the materials and influenced by symbolisms.

Her work is mainly inspired by minimalism but is not necessarily classified as minimal.

Aphrodite is a visual artist exploring digital collage, a collector and creator of beautiful monsters, pshychoanalysing her subconscious.

@rots_andrea #AndreaRots Collection: Spring Summer 017_ Narcissus Uncensored • Photography + Art Direction by Filep Motwary​ • Hair & MakeUp Andreas Zen​ • • Model Emily Nicolaidou​  Thank you to Kristo K, @nakistheocharidesopticals + Katia’s Treasures



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