The work of the American photographer Francesca Woodman highlights and strengthens the  intimate minimalism of the ss2017 Comeforbreakfast collection.  The American artist’s self-reflection suggests a comparison with the aesthetic of the selfie and  contemporary visual culture, transforming into an intimate, silent approach to the men’s  collection. Everyday garments are elevated from the ordinary: T-shirt, shirt, track pants, and  night gown become absolutely fashionable.

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The integration of the body in a spatial context, the interaction between photographic bi-  dimensionality and the three-dimensionality of Woodman’s reality generate in the knitwear a  play of positive and negative space, holes and cracks. The graphics, a distinctive mark of the  brand, create an optical effect of staggered layers on the garment.

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The unhemmed edges  underline the tension between intimacy and self-representation.  The rigidity of denim and cotton, the crispness of poplin, the fluidity of viscose, the full texture  of knitwear, and the cool detachment of technical fabrics are chosen to highlight the contrasts  of the collection’s initial premise, and to give the banality of garments a strong design element  that takes nothing away from the fluid and pliant design created to play with addition and  subtraction.  Black and white, chromatic mark of Comeforbreakfast, reinforce the link with Woodman’s  images, while mud, beige, khaki, gray, and warm brick red shift it into the contemporary.  BRAND PROFILE  In 2010, Antonio Romano and Francesco Alagna gave life to an independent project with a  strong and distinctive identity.   A new brand whose reach was immediately recognised as international, thanks to its ability to  grasp the most innovative trends in terms of aesthetics and taste and the eclectic stimuli from  urban cultures.   This is how resize-21 resize-22 resize-23 resize-24 resize-25 resize-26 resize-27 resize-28“COMEFORBREAKFAST” a line for men and women with a very precise  poetics – came to life. The minimal design goes very well with well-defined silhouettes and  ultra-modern takes on personal couture fundamentals.

resize-29 resize-30 resize-31 The streetwear backdrop balances out  the sporty casual atmosphere with a meticulous definition of every single item, which result  into unprecedented and very modern elegance. The careful selection of fabrics and the  independent development of silkscreen prints give the knitwear items a distinctive trait. From  coats to dresses, from leather jackets to accessories, this research spirit is embodied by the  exclusive details and the flawless model structure.   These are the distinctive traits of a cosmopolitan approach to fashion, a style landmark  resting on versatile combinations and perfect fits, thus drawing unconventional scenarios that  transcend fleeting vagues.


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