Just as Christian Dior liked to draw from the work of artists of his time to inject a revolutionary dynamic into his designs, so Kris Van Assche, artistic director of Dior’s men’s lines, has found inspiration for the Dior Homme Spring-Summer 2014 pre-collection in contemporary art. Each of the three themes that compose it lay claim to a unique aesthetic influence. In Disappear Here, it is the influence of Jackson Pollock and all-over splashes of colour that fill his paintings. This creative, energetic and expressive momentum is also found in the Stroke motif where brightly colours seem to be painted onto the clothes. Finally, with its geometric figures dominated by black, sometimes contrasting with a solid primary colour, Zero recalls the abstract compositions of constructivist paintings.

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Worn as a detail or as a total look, these prints structure the entire collection. The touches of blue, orange and red highlight the contemporary architecture of the clothes. In this collection, the cuts are as bold as the prints, scrambling the codes of traditional menswear. The suit jackets feature a hood, especially attractive when worn layered over a sweatshirt. With their thick soles, shoes look like sneakers. Finally, the white shirt, the ultimate men’s basic, acquires patch pockets and short sleeves. Prints appear, sometimes on the collar, sometimes on the lapel. Between elegant suit and casual sportswear, the lines are blurred. And it is in this daring in-between that the Dior man imposes his timeless and contemporary allure.

Art direction by M/M Paris

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