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“Jolie Jolie”, “Lubna”, “Valentina”, “Pris” from Blade Runner … whichever, she’ll be the one you decide to be. With no choice to be in the seedy areas of L.A., she continues to pace the mazes of outer space. Torn between her android nature and shaman spirit, she links cosmic mercury with geometric alpaca taken from pre-­‐Columbian ancient civilizations. She injects a Pop twist to the galactic tribal with neon green and blue, metallic silver, milky white, midnight black, earth clay, all in mohair, plastic, crepon, moleskin, silk, alpaga… But don’t be fooled by the magnetic colors of her ensemble, it’s a lure to catch her prey.

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SHOWROOM / FEBRUARY 28th – MARCH 5th   Galerie Olivier Robert 5, rue des Haudriettes 75003 Paris

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