DRYCLEANONLY is a brand started by Patipat Chaipukdee, otherwise known as Best.


He is known as the Picasso of t-shirts, making art out of vintage Adidas tees – hand knitting them up, or attaching maribou feathers to the sleeves. He started his own shop at JATUJAK Weekend market that has been running since 2008.In 2010, fresh out of fashion school, Best spent his days finding the coolest vintage tees and then reworking them by hand with beads, studs, safety pins and jewels. But it’s not just about the bead-work, Best pulls apart old tees and reshapes them.

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Often one of his DRYCLEANONLY t-shirts has two or three t-shirt collars – collars become cuffs, tees are slashed and mixed with lace or sequins. It’s a complete fantasy.

The whole existence of DRYCLEANONLY is a curious paradox – the use of mass-produced materials to create one-of-a-kind apparel – the transformation of industrial products into handcraft-rich fashion.

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“It‘s a problem solving strategy.” says designer Best. “I want something that’s unique and one-of-a-kind, but don’t want to start making clothes the regular way – buying fabric and making patterns.”

Best looks at what he loves the most: classic logos and banded T-shirts – and starts reusing and customizing these vintage items into new and unique T-shirts by modifying the proportion and adding decorative details from stitching to handcrafts. Key pieces include modifid and customized Harley Davidson, Rolling Stones, World Tour goodie and Wildlife tees, both from his own collection and vintage markets around the world .

“I saw it as a gap in the market and I believe there are people out there who are like me – they love vintage collectable T-shirts but also want something that’s unique. We show our respect to these items by leaving the original label as it is and inserting our label underneath.”



Ditching its signature animal print for a manned-up visual motif, designer Patipat Chaipukdee unearths a series of t-shirts with motifs evoking the ferocious, macho world — animals against colourful palette, wild life , military badges and crests and dissects their composition and re-constructs a new piece from a patchwork of prints and hand works embroideries . Patchwork works magic are combinations in one of the collection’s must-have top.

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Never one to shy away from coupling cliched extremes — most notably when it comes to femininity and masculinity — Drycleanonly amps up contrasts and seeming incongruities in its latest autumn / winter 2016 collection, combining all the cliches of feminine wardrobe with hyper-masculine stereotypes — fast cars, sports logo, camouflage and utility clothing — creating another intriguing visual treasure that’s synonymous with the Drycleanonly universe.

Ditching its signature animal print for a manned-up visual motif, designer Patipat Chaipukdee unearths a series of t-shirts with motifs evoking the ferocious, macho world — speed cars against colourful palette, automobile logos, military badges and crests — dissects their composition and reconstructs a new piece with feminine details, from a patchwork of sheer laces, tweed and vintage sequins embroidery. Oversized satin ruffles adorn sleeves of jumper as well as hemlines of t-shirts with bold race car motif while fine sheer chiffon in black and white forms a square panel covering “Replica” motif tees. Patchwork works magic as small panels of camouflage fabrics are combined with tiny floral elements and ruffles in one of the collection’s must-have top.

PhotoCredits: AW16 Men Collection  Photographer : Jeeraw Bunpook  Stylist : Jirawat Maan Sriluansoi  Make up artist : Newton Whangvisarn  Hair Stylist : Thanupol Theparak  AW16 Women Collection  
Photographer : Jeeraw Bunpook
Stylist : Isr Upa-in 
Make up artist : Champ  Worawoot
 Hair Stylist : Chai Surasen
 Model Natalie & Thasa

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