Text by Marino Bombini

John Rawlings Mary Jane Russell in Chinese silk pajamas, Vogue, December 1953

Early adopters who, back in 1982, rushed to buy the first compact disc ever on market have been seen for a couple of decades as one of those classic examples of foresight (despite all the controversies you can figure out). They looked like viewing the future when it had still to happen. Which is a gift everybody aims to get. Nevertheless, after just twenty years or so same early adopters faced the replacement of their bet in the shape of the iPod era, to finally get, today, precisely back where they started their run: the vinyl records (vendors statistics say sales are increasing day by day at very high rate).

This see-saw trend is no new, and no new is certainly what is happening also to fashion. Since the boom of social and blogging platforms, people who have been using new technologies to boost themselves uncredited in fashion world have become a real army. Real soldiers, in the war of instant messages and pictures, shattered the status Quo. The never-ending manifesto form Mme Menkes echoed as an alert against this fast-tipping kids half curse half blessing for fashion shows.

Anyway, it took a while to understand how harmless most of them are. And, after years of general complaining about their constant presence at shows (but at the same time – maybe unwittingly – pressing for them to be like real rock stars), this last FW14 tour (which started a few weeks ago in New York) seems to have finally settled them down.

Scanning the most famous social networks and blogs you won’t find (at least not as much as in the past) the same early bird hysteria of ‘salads’ ready to be instagrammed or to give their final verdict of a collection, but just true connoiseurs and real journalists (maybe even rejuvenated).

Most of new-bloggers-on-the-block say that they are bored (forgetful that only boring people get bored), or more realistically most of them are no longer functional to the system. Being so, shaken fashion world is returning safe home (no doubt many collections reflect this: see Gucci), to its stable / unstable world-eating circus, waiting for next quake.

And to those who will in the future be worried about a new potential army of hi-tech-addicted people attacking fashion status it’s better to remember that only fashion can make them harmful.

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