FREEDOM CANDLEMAKER releases his new single titled ASTRAL BODY

Freedom Candlemaker is the project of Greek composer and producer Lefteris Moumtzis. Everything about “Astral Body” from the video down to the pulsating drive of the music has this otherworldly allure. Lefteris says the track is meant “to put you in a trance and take you on a journey within.” Its psychedelic, avant-garde approach results in both sonic and visual splendor. Directed by fashion photographer and author Filep Motwary and filmed in Cyprus, the music video for “Astral Body” couldn’t be a more perfect representation of the song and its mystique. Inner Ear Records will be releasing “Astral Body” digitally today, and look for Freedom Candlemaker’s album Beaming Light out early 2019.

The cinematography is by Andreas Dimitriou.

A literal English translation of his name, Freedom Candlemaker sees Lefteris venturing into bigger soundscapes and deeper songwriting than his previous endeavors. The raw and edgy “Astral Body” is the second single from his debut album Beaming Light. Lefteris describes the single as a track about “transcending oneself, overcoming fear and finding the courage to live up to one’s full potential.” In Beaming Light, Lefteris is seeking to reach a harmonious connection between past and future, childhood and adulthood, earthly and divine. The main thread of the record consists of themes of spirituality, empathy and achieving peace with one’s inner being, through constant change and reinvention.

web_freedom_candlemaker_filep_motwary_BACKSTAGE_d442 web_freedom_candlemaker_filep_motwary_BACKSTAGE_d444

Directed & Produced by Filep Motwary – Cinematography: Andreas Dimitriou-Cast: Alexia Christodoulou, Anastasia Grusha, Chris Michail, Danae Alphas, Elena Arabova, Elena Vasiliou, Gabriel Georgiou, Julia Mur, Katerina Ttakka , Valerie Stavrou Fashion -  Art Direction- Casting: Filep Motwary – Camera & Editing: Andreas Dimitriou – Make Up Artists: Elena Tsangaridou & Efi Christodoulou – Fashion Assistant: Joanna Economou-Lisiecka – Assistant Camera: Marios Kleanthous – Production Assistant: Christina Savvidou – Runner: Thalia Tsiatini – Backstage Photography: Orestis Kalvaris – Driver: Savvas Vanezis – Special thanks CyBC Pantelitsa Lambrinou & Chryso Loizou Nicos and his horses Music, lyrics: Lefteris Moumtzis


From the forthcoming album “Beaming Light”, out in February 2019 Buy digital single

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