GEORGIA SOUVENIR is a story styled and photographed by Filep Motwary in Tbilisi, featuring young Georgian designers and models, all participants at ART GEORGIA Paris, a project by Sofia Tchkonia. The photos were presented during the “BENEXT INTERNATIONAL FASHION DESIGN CONTEST 2014 last week.
GEORGIA SOUVENIR is a project sponsored by Sofia Tchkonia. Make Up by Christine Regini.

“If there is one thing to be said about Tbilisi, it’s that it doesn’t resemble any city you’ve ever been to. Perhaps what makes it special is the combination of old and modern history as well as the vast variety of architectural movements which are abundantly apparent in the city; above all and without a doubt it’s the city’s  breath-taking landscapes that captured my attention like a magic spell. georgia_souvenir_photo_filep_motwary_©_Ee georgia_souvenir_photo_filep_motwary_©_Ff

_photography_filep_motwary_©_12270452 georgia_souvenir_photo_filep_motwary_©_Gg georgia_souvenir_photo_filep_motwary_©_Mm georgia_souvenir_photo_filep_motwary_©_AAaa georgia_souvenir_photo_filep_motwary_©_ABab georgia_souvenir_photo_filep_motwary_©_ACac georgia_souvenir_photo_filep_motwary_©_Nn _photography_filep_motwary_©_12280516  georgia_souvenir_photo_filep_motwary_©_Qq  georgia_souvenir_photo_filep_motwary_©_Uu georgia_souvenir_photo_filep_motwary_©_Vv

Sofia Tchkonia asked me to photograph Georgian designers and gave me the freedom to discover the city and its talents within six days. The designers gave me the freedom to mix their collections and as result came this unplanned-at  first- series of photographs; a direct result of my own personal view of the city and nature’s immaculate beauty around it.

This is why I decided to name it “Georgia Souvenir”, as it was and always will  be a souvenir I will invariably carry in my memory. “Georgia Souvenir” is about Georgian designers, their beautiful clothes, emotion, tradition, craft, memory and the right to envision a bright future through my love for nostalgia” Filep Motwary, Paris 2014

georgia_souvenir_photo_filep_motwary_©_Aa  georgia_souvenir_photo_filep_motwary_©_Rr georgia_souvenir_photo_filep_motwary_©_Ss georgia_souvenir_photo_filep_motwary_©_Ww georgia_souvenir_photo_filep_motwary_©_Yy georgia_souvenir_photo_filep_motwary_©_Zzgeorgia_souvenir_photo_filep_motwary_©_Bb georgia_souvenir_photo_filep_motwary_©_Ii georgia_souvenir_photo_filep_motwary_©_Llgeorgia_souvenir_photo_filep_motwary_©_Kk

Photography, Styling and Art Direction by Filep Motwary ©


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