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The collection is a complete wardrobe that caters to different types of women: revisited classic striped or patterned pant  suits made from tie silk, a camel overcoat worn with a romantic-style blouse and straight-cut pants, feminine (sets with   micro-frills, cardigans and dresses embroidered with metallic flowers), urban and rock (leather jackets and bombers   worn with silk and lace slip dresses, skirts with outsize peekaboo hems and studded platform moccasins), or  eveningwear (striped, black and red or flower-printed silk pajama jackets and pants teamed with long T-shirts   embroidered with crystal). True to the codes established by Riccardo Tisci, it offers a more everyday twist on the   lingerie feel of the summer collection.

RTW_M_Fall_2016_PRECO_5 RTW_M_Fall_2016_PRECO_6 RTW_M_Fall_2016_PRECO_11 RTW_M_Fall_2016_PRECO_12 RTW_W_Fall_2016_PRECO_2 RTW_W_Fall_2016_PRECO_3 RTW_W_Fall_2016_PRECO_8 RTW_W_Fall_2016_PRECO_9 RTW_W_Fall_2016_PRECO_14 RTW_W_Fall_2016_PRECO_15 RTW_W_Fall_2016_PRECO_20 RTW_W_Fall_2016_PRECO_21 RTW_W_Fall_2016_PRECO_26 RTW_W_Fall_2016_PRECO_27

Designed like a complete wardrobe, the men’s collection comprises pared-down suits, tailored coats with monkey   motifs at the hem, shearling and leather bomber jackets, large zippered sweaters, studded denim jackets, jumpsuits   printed with the new star logo, and faded jeans. Eveningwear includes black suits trimmed with micro chains or with   studs and stones in colors calling to mind the summer 2016 collection.

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