‘Héritage’ Fine Jewellery Collection by MAISON MARTIN MARGIELA

Maison Martin Margiela presents ‘Héritage’, a collection of fine jewellery inspired by family heirlooms that reinterprets the traditional symbols behind every bond. Divided into four themes, the ‘Héritage’ collection explores the irregularity of love and the ever-changing nature of each union.

‘Alliance’ ring in 18k white gold – a severed band that illustrates the ever-changing nature of love.
‘Chevalière’ ring and bracelet – effacing the coat of arms brings about a new chapter of family history.
‘Alliance’ ring in diamond pavé – an incomplete circle, a moment suspended in time, between the first meeting and marriage, unsoldered and free.
‘Pompadour’: a disunited jewel that shakes free of the traditional heirloom piece and reinvents family lore.
‘Alliance’ ring and bracelet – incomplete circles that symbolise the adaptable nature of the ties that bind.
Chevalière’ ring – a pure, sleek signet ring cut in half reinvents traditional symbols of family heritage.
‘Solitaire’ ring: a bisected diamond reflecting the many facets in each union.

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