Named “Earth beat”, Laurenceairline’s new collection paints the portrait of an eternal traveler. Urbanite in the soul, he travels as he breathes. To jump on his bike, to take the plane, to get on a train… a key thread of his everyday life.

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This intuitive itinerant, fluid and active, easily crossing the frontiers. Going from the frenzy of a city to the meditative calm of a natural landscape, scrolling, seizing and savoring moments of discovery, anchoring his dreams in reality. Laurenceairline’s SS17 collection has the vocation of accompanying this perceptive adventurer, while awakening the consciousnesses of problems that mean a lot to him.

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Africa is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for Laurenceairline. This season the brand worked on a reinterpretation of the wax breechcloth patterns of politicians’ effigies in their election campaign, and made them liberty patterns placed under the shape of macaroons, creating a portrait gallery of big thinkers from every corner of the world. Synthesizing these great men’s messages – remedies in the big troubles of our time, the words “Share Love, Spread Peace, Shine Joy”, are written in acan script.

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The same coded alphabet has also been used to register on t-shirts and sweatshirts the key destinations of this fearless traveler. The color range moves through a spectrum of blues, cobalt to navy, with hints of primary red and yellow, an inspired nod to the work of Mondrian – also seen in the graphic composition of the signature shirts. Allusions to 90′s sportswear come through in parka style zip up shirts and ankle cut trousers, creating a precise but relaxed silhouette for the season.

Photographer  Ugo Mangin
Models Raffaele Pieroni and Jos Whiteman
video by Gerald Le Van-Chau


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