Originally from Vietnam, New York City Based designer Long Tran is on the brink of something new, fresh, and innovative with amazing concepts and top-notch craftsmanship. While designing on his own for nearly 7 years since high school, Long Tran did most of his studies at Columbia College in Chicago for fashion & design, thereafter moving to NYC and attending Wood Tobe Coburn College as a fashion Merchandise major, while not being satisfied fully, Long quickly enrolled to FIT for accessories design to get his foot in the door.


Texture, new age 3D concepts with just a bit of fantasy for the imagination to transpire. And it doesn’t stop there, not only does Long Tran just design, he also does his own photography and art direction. Just a second love of his which he can interpret a new breed of art and emotion and draw from his designing. Its totally a win win situation for him, art and creativity just flows through his veins. The Kinsky puts focus on Horus and Hapi, his latest shoes collection, both for men and women!


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