Pictures Deborah Bloemen , Words Martijn Vogelaers / Uber and Kosher
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Rick Owens created an army of occult warrior priests.
Arduously drilled forces of a rebellious army, ready to overthrow the existing conservative regime.
Dressed in over-sized leather tunics, tactical vests, knee-high boots and do-rag-like headscarves.
These functional looking militaristic silhouettes in monochrome black, brown and nudish grey address the essence of man…

RickOwens_48 RickOwens_47 RickOwens_46 RickOwens_45 RickOwens_43 RickOwens_40 RickOwens_39 RickOwens_37 RickOwens_36 RickOwens_35 RickOwens_33 RickOwens_32 RickOwens_31 RickOwens_30 RickOwens_27 RickOwens_19 RickOwens_21 RickOwens_23 RickOwens_22 RickOwens_17 RickOwens_09 RickOwens_04 RickOwens_03

Impressively brutal yet highly sophisticated because of the ingeniously minimal looking design. According to the designer himself this collection is a reflection of man’s creation and rejection of authority.

RickOwens_49 RickOwens_12

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