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I am not a person of many words especially when it comes to my work I find it very hard to explain the process.

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There isn’t a single story behind the collection – I think there are multiple. I’m constantly collecting images, textiles, artefacts that I like and in the end each time I create a collection it’s a mixture of all references, influences and experiences I had over a course of a few months. So it’s very personal and whatever is personal is hard to describe.

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In the end I have to give a lot of credit to my collaborators: the photographer, the stylist and the models – all of which are friends, who I love working with and who help complete the image.

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304A4324 304A2114Photographer: Irina Gavrich     Stylist: Judith Freund     Hair and Make-Up: Christopher Kollar    Models: Astrid Deigner, Lisi Zeininger, Lena Freund, Helena Severin (Wiener Models)

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