text by Haris Giannouras

IMG_8494 What could Plato’s Symposium, modern day Kitsch and traditional Mexican imagery have in common ? The answer lies in the work of Sanchez-Kane, an emerging Mexican creator with the ability to construct a rather intriguing inspirational mash up that gives life to her army of fashionable Mucha Libre wrestlers.

Image15 IMG_7954 IMG_8198IMG_7396-2

According to Plato we are creatures made of wood, engaged in an endless search for our other half, in other words the other dreadfully lonely piece of wood that craves for love. This romantic idea becomes the very same core of Sanchez work providing us with an allusive poetic ambience that is being dressed up in colorful crazy florals, interesting embellishments and lots of wrestling masks. etiquetas barbara flowers Image8 Image12

And here is exactly where one can trace her artistic approach, the fact that she manages to combine a deeply emotional and well thought conceptual idea with innovative cuts and joyful prints, showcasing at the end both on point execution and poetic vision. And who could serve as a better mannequin for Sanchez-Kane’s eye caching sculptures than a couple of blue faced, highly dramatic personas, that strut around showcasing a world of emotionally charged wild warriors. IMG_8576

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