SELF MADE – MABUHAY FW16 by Gianfranco Villegas

“Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!” = “Long live the Philippines!”

08 09 DSC_0127

For this season Gianfranco Villegas looked back again to his roots, his strong memories when he was a kid and living in such a different world of where he is now… This time through the storytelling of his generation Y (youth), while going on a trip to explore the downtown and culture of the Philippines. He focuses on the typical public transport vehicles such as the colorful “Jeepney” and the “tricycle” as well as the local food markets and traditions.

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His generation Y, before going back home, they decided to keep their memories through hand-made embroideries on their typical streetwear garments such as sukajan jackets, sweats and coats…
Many are the connections also to the colours and details of the Philippines flag…
A re-visitation of that culture true his typical story-telling of the youth living their life without asking ..why

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Ph/Videomakers: Bonasia&Narcisi

Models:  Wonjung Jo @ Fashion ;   Aleksandr @ Independent mgmt  Mua:   Laura Martucci

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