SIBLING writes a love letter to workingmen. Dockers, miners, engineers, steel workers: the fathers, brothers and sons whose pride comes from meeting their obligations by the sweat of their own brow.

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“We were inspired by the photography of John Bulmer who documented Manchester, the Potteries and the Black Country throughout the 1960s. We wanted to capture the spirit of the working man showing his love, not with shop-bought trinkets, but by day after day of back-breaking, laborious graft to support his family.” said SIBLING Joe Bates, Sid Bryan and Cozette McCreery.

SIBLING uses a palette that includes coal-blacks (evoking the black shimmer of Tarmac, coal and oil), grey, berry and arsenic. Through work wear shapes hand-darned denim and the multi-layering of knits, SIBLING recreates a familiar silhouette but with a SIBLING dynamic.

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The established knitwear mavericks continue to reinvent and subvert traditions. Bold stripes are added to hand knit cable stitched cardigans and jumpers. SIBLING’s familiar sportswear shapes (and touches of leopard print and fair isle) mix in with the patched work wear. A traditional blazer is hand crocheted with flowers and belted versions are casually pulled together, suits are given new life with shorts. A hand Knit Stitch graphic lifted from sweaters is printed on trainers (a collaboration with PUMA), bags, belts and functional undergarments.

Softness is added to the industrial shapes through details based on intricate handwork traditions. Details of lace work, hand made love tokens, love spoons and crocheted blankets all feature. A new folk design encapsulates these elements.

Photography by Christopher Dadey

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Thank you Ashley Smith

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