This spring brings the color. Following a winter collection of would-be blacks and deep hues shot through  with contrast bands of light, Julie de Libran now turns her attention to color. Primary or acid-tinged, strong,  full-on or just contrast, shiny and matte: the palette permits all eccentricities and so you may equally as well  wear a long dress, sequins or satin shoes by day while opting for shorts or a suit jacket to go dancing.
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The many threads that run through each collection appear today in newer forms: the ubiquitous stripe is  either punctuated by black or entirely multicolor. The masculine wardrobe comes literally highlighted in red,  the denim color-dipped, leather is varnished while the tweeds sport ‘scoubidou’ trimmings and knits more  fantastical than ever. Through a Technicolor glass brightly, the palette rings out Pop and witty.
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A sportswear thread channels the Disco era with a firm attitude and a silhouette freed from all arabesques:  the garment an end to itself. Then if the bag is but a basket, it is also made of leather like ‘scoubidou’  braided. A new addition to the collections, and in a range of the season’s primary colors, the bag assumes a  position alongside the Maison’s signature Domino. The same is true of the shoes with their solid, made-for-life heels, and range of exquisite materials. By night, opt for big rhinestone earrings, bejeweled heels, and a  smattering of pins and charms.

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With a lot of character.

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