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Oddly enough, there was a time when war was considered as art, and military strategies as true philosophies. An ancient Chinese manuscript (indicating an oral tradition two centuries older than its finding) The Art of War was later (and not by chance) the basis of sociological and economic theories still relevant today. The Milan based German designer Tom Rebl explores this aspect of war in order to create a collection rich in an arsenal of details and materials away from snobbish trend (paradoxically then unlimited edition), by exploding his craftsmanship into an army of creativity and tailoring.

Tom-Rebl-Fall-Winter-2014-34 Tom-Rebl-Fall-Winter-2014-44

Inspired by a Nordic and hostile imaginary Tom Rebl turns mythological aesthetics of freezing lands in refined clothing only by definition aggressive , but domesticated by strict cuts and rationalist inventions. Leather and metal versus soft yarns, thicker wools versus nylon and coated cottons. Opposites that run in a specific and strategic order, marked by an inner and instinctive ability in fighting, in order to adapt themselves to the multifaceted urban contexts in which they will surely land.


There is no business that does not provide for an ally, and Tom Rebl chooses even two: Stefano De Lellis for jewelery and Zena for hats, in a really wonderful complete overview, which it is really hard not to succumb in admiration for.

Oddly enough, there was a time when war was considered as art and military strategies as true philosophies. Fortunately, there are those who occasionally reminds us of this time, with no weapons, but fashion-wise.

Catwalk images Igor Cvoro

Backstage shot by Rossetti Meschina

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