THE ONE AND ONLY Julian Ziegerli

Julian Zigerli Julian Zigerli Julian Zigerli Julian Zigerli

Julian Ziegerli’s new A/W 14 Collection recognizes nature’s beauty and gives it a new and perceptible aura. A chemical formula has been created and a new man is
born. The prints are influenced from an aesthetic profundity and a geometric clearness. The collaboration with the Parisian graphic artists GOLGOTHA, brings the complex multilayered structures of Zigerli’s work to life. The trio GOLGOTHA completes the collection with their fantastic work with a three-dimensional and supernatural structure . The Hexagon loses its geometric coldness, and becomes a honeycomb – An animated webbing that fuses together with the body.
Strikingly, the welded seams complement the functionality of the clothing. They form a framework that extends from a modern Dandy to a rocker straight out of the 1950s.
This framework leaves the appearance of today’s man powerful, clean and sporty. It’s as if the collection was formed from wax, and sealed in eternity as to never lose their beauty: A devoted illusion.
Julian Zigerli’s fashion stands for practical, smart and technically first class pieces. Love, color,humor and positivity flow through his designs.

Julian Zigerli Julian Zigerli

Swiss Julian Zigerli studied at the University of Arts in Berlin. After graduating in 2010, he returned back to his roots in Zurich. It was in Zurich that he founded his correspondent Men’s clothing label: Julian Zigerli.

Since he began with his first collection, Julian Zigerli has celebrated both national and international success. His collections have already been presented worldwide in Berlin, Milan, Paris, London, New York, Florence, Zürich and Seoul.
For the last 4 seasons Zigerli has presented his own fashion show in Berlin. For the upcoming A/W14 season, he got invited by Giorgio Armani, to present his “The One And Only“ collection during Milan fashion week at the Armani/Teatro. Zigerli’s talent has also been widely celebrated within the world of Design. He has been nominated for the Design Price Schweiz in 2011 and 2013 and the Swiss Design Award in 2013. In 2012 he won the Swiss Design Award with his AW12 collection “To infinity and beyond“

Julian Zigerli Julian Zigerli Julian Zigerli Julian Zigerli

A Utopia, a dream, a person beyond our conception. True perfection.
We gaze upon nature, and feel the inspiration from completion and perfection. We want to be one with her..wallow in her…deify and celebrate her.

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