The truth about Lara Quint

Lara Quint is an emerging fashion brand of designer Lara Tomashchuk. After finishing her studies in fashion design at the Kyiv University of Technology and Design in 2011, Lara  made her first steps as an intern for Russian designer Tatiana Parfionova and as a designer for Ukrainian fashion brand ELENAREVA. In 2013 Lara launched her own label with focus on womenswear.

3 Collage 'Bushido' FW'14-15 Art 'Bushido' FW'14-15 4

LARA QUINT is an abbreviation of Quintessence (from Lat. quīnta essentia – fifth essence) that is the key, most important, most significant and purest essence. This is the fifth, the finest type of matter along with water, air, earth and fire. It is this association that keeps the desire of Lara Quint to work with the transformation of image into clothes with the help of colors, unusual shapes, lines, and materials. Lines and shaping of the garment follow in the footsteps of the past, highlighting the most memorable parts of a cut that gives fresh perspective on fashion.

1 Collage 'Bushido' FW'14-15 4 Collage 'Bushido' FW'14-15
Minimalistic clean cut and avant-garde volume silhouettes are considered to be the signature of LARA QUINT along with innovational fabrics. Prints are interspersed with textures, handmade technology embodies fabrics into architectonic forms. Plastic, wood and metal give new meaning to material.
Lady of LARA QUINT is passionate, free spirit personality who is looking for unique outfits for her image to shine out and feel on top. It is an intelligent and ambitious woman, clothes gives her confidence, femininity, sexuality and reveals the authenticity of her personality.
2 Collage 'Bushido' FW'14-15 Art 'Bushido' FW'14-15 1

During a year of intensive work brand team of LARA QUINT managed to get into the list of young innovative designers of Ukraine. The designer has presented three collections (‘Vincent’, ‘Bushido’ and ‘ESC’), has won prestigious competitions: DESIGN IT and BE NEXT, took part in the largest exhibition designers ORIGIN Passion and Beliefs supported by project Not Just a Label, and received the approval of the work of influential fashion-people.

Art 'Bushido' FW'14-15 3

Phantasmagoric wild nature, kimono silk whisper and invincible power of spirit. Lara Quint’s main objective is to capture and express these moments in the heroine’s character – brave female warrior holding weapons in her arms, protecting her sanctity clad in signs and symbols from toe to crown. The Bushido collection, inspired by studying traditional Japanese armor, calligraphy, Jakuza tattoos and Shibari binding, combines various arts. For instance, parts of the human body serve as a canvas for masterful embodiment of metamorphosis tattoo plots, whereas binding and calligraphy that refer to the identity of font lines and ropes are reflected in fabrics and silhouettes.

Look book 'Bushido' FW'14-15 3 Look book 'Bushido' FW'14-15 4

Textures and materials that undisguisedly support the idea of collection are linen, silk organza, wool, faux fur, leather, silicone, cotton, and drape cloth. Bushido color palette is based upon beige, black and white, as well as inevitable accents on red – the symbol of blood and death. Beige is the color of rice paper, black is the calligraphy and outlines of engravings,and white is the color of snow and geisha’s make-up.

Collection FW14/15

First photo story:Photographer Tasya Kudryk /  Hair Artem Soshyn / MUA Eugenia Spiktorenko / Model  Olimpia Whitemustashe

Second story: Photographer Andrew Ivaskiv / Make-up  Ekaterina Harlanova / Model Nastya Permilovska

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