Tropical Melancholia… JOURDEN Pre-Fall 17


JOURDEN’s Pre-Fall 17 collection titled ‘Tropical Melancholia’ sensibly addresses Hong Kong’s current state of affairs – which can be underscored by a tumultuous political climate and youthful rebellion – with four separate movements. The first movement is characterized by a schoolgirls rejection of the establishment. The Catholic schoolgirl uniform gets a revamp with rebellious rocker chick embellishments like studs and cut outs on pleated plaid skirts and shirt-dresses. Varsity polo jumpers and circle dresses inspired by 50s silhouettes are constructed from colourful, variegated fabrics and finished with contrasting collars and waistbands, adding a bit of flash and fun to modesty. The second movement is the emergence of the 70s party girl wearing flirty and reflective gel striped, off shoulder crop tops, pleated skirts and hot pants.


The stark black lines add a mesmerizing, youthful flair for women comfortable with her own sex appeal. The third movement characterizes the creative, professional woman that doesn’t take life too seriously. She plays with leopard print skirts and trench coats, sheer tops with glittering gold, confetti details. Evening maxi and midi dresses are made from metallic, sparkling threads finished with playful ruffles proving that the young are not the only ones that can have fun. The final movement reveals a mature woman with a sense of fearlessness and self-actualisation.

JOURDEN PF17 1 JOURDEN PF17 2 JOURDEN PF17 3 JOURDEN PF17 4 Crushed velvet is used with a distressed plaid print to create flowing, ruffled tunic dresses, gathered skirts, harem pants and a quilted biker jackets fusing vintage vibes with modern construction. The looks exude a sense of wisdom that comes with age, experience and maturity. With the entire collection, we see an intermix of fabrics, textures and prints, which are the pillars that highlight the strengths of the JOURDEN brand. It’s the details and measured choices from the construction to fabric selection that gives this collection a sense of cohesion and focus.JOURDEN PF17 5

So, as result, even with everyday trials and obstacles, women in the city can find solace, peace, beauty and solidarity.



JOURDEN was founded in 2012 by Anais Mak. Born and raised in Hong Kong, where the brand is based, Anais moved to Paris to study fashion design at the Studio Berçot. But it was back on home turf, while putting her ideas into practice in the ateliers of local garment makers and tailors on regular trips back to Hong Kong during her studies, that she got to forge her skills as a designer, confronting her creative dreams with reality. It was through learning from these artisans – and in turn and pushing their boundaries – that the designer was able to hone her distinctive design aesthetic: a subtly perverted take on formal femininity hooked on controlled volumes and fabric experimentation. The formal wear and old school elements inspired by her well-disciplined childhood growing up in Hong Kong are the canvas of the JOURDEN silhouette.


Mixing artisanal and industrial techniques to make clothes that are utterly modern; collections that lend themselves to all types of girls and lifestyles. JOURDEN (also Anais’s middle name) is about a casual attitude, delivering a graphic punch to generic femininity. A take on the notion of dressing up that is more about twisting the codes of the classic feminine look than breaking them. Being proper nowadays is seen as a new form of rebellion.

JOURDEN is sold at key international retailers such as Colette, Barneys, Ikram, Lane Crawford, Isetan, Tom Greyhound and Le Bon Marché.

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