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Their first menswear collection found it’s way through necessity of finally showing who stands next to Victoria/Tomas woman.

The collection is opening a vision to a smart and sober, but sometimes impulsive character, the individual who is part of the society, but also separate and independent, person who is not tied by norms and rules, but realizes reality. The inspiration of frequent travels from countryside to the big city, from the whipped fields filled with virgin air to the structured and binding streets pulls to the breaking point of making a choice, but it also may be a compromise…

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Admiring extremity in clothes, Victoria/Tomas wanted to expose a very perceived, masculine and constructed collection, giving it a twist of sophistication, but still keeping it ultra comfortable and wearable.

16(1) 23(1) 24(1) 25(1)This autumn/winter collection is offering a selection of strong and textured materials such as stiff and soft leathers with extra strong and durable finishings, mixed with wool, cotton and light jersey for underneath. The touch of outdoor equipment details, such as overall cargo pockets and high collars are showcasing the importance of functionality in menswear. Keeping the color palette strict and restrained, from white and black to wooden and petrol, the clothes are strengthens and creating much stronger and brutal look.

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