victoria/tomas SS2016


Having a strong passion to travel in France and discover yet unknown, they admire both nature and the city.

The collection is the reflection of daily surroundings at it’s best, representing the freedom and beauty of Provence and Parisian intensity and minimalism.

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Two different worlds are blending into a well-organized and at the same time ultra-relaxed line of clothes, that remain contemporary in shape, unique and functional in details.

victoriatomasSS16_4 victoriatomasSS16_6 victoriatomasSS16_9 victoriatomasSS16_15 victoriatomasSS16_21

At the core of the collections lays the selection of belted ”cache-coeur” shirts with decoration of the vintage buttons, consistently combined with experimental leather garments with variety of textures that are lighted up with multicolor suede ruffles.


Being emotionally attached to colors of nature and monochrome streets, the color range is almost a literal impact of both topical environments. Taking timelessness in consideration, the collection offers a classic black&white stripe, sky blue and beige stone scales, touches of leaf green, lavender purple and pale lime.. |

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