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A walk in the garden of the Fleurs du Mal, from a feminine perspective: oneiric, soft, carrying an uplifting idea of awakening and transition. Winter fades into spring as nature regains its strength and colors: a metaphor of Vionnet’s rebirth as a fashion house, but also a reconnection to its roots.

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Architecture and nature, the masculine and the feminine mix, merge and melt. Tulips recur as a motif, a needlepoint appliqué as well as a symbol, unifying the different aspect of the collection, its opposition of firm, sculptural shapes and flowing fluidity.

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A Thirties sketch by Vionnet’s close friend, the artist Ernesto Thayaht, was used as a starting point of a creative journey that fuses the architecture of the Yokohama airport terminal with Vionnet’s signature drapes and that turns mannish pinstripes into three-dimensional motifs. The result is a softly rigorous blooming of structural silhouettes made organic and soft by the choice of tactile, luxurious materials – valenki felt, double cashmere, georgette, pinstriped wool jersey, mink – and the painterly palette mixing tones of grey with Kilimanjaro green, petrol blue, aqua. Intarsia, needlepoint and bonding combine different materials in a sculptural harmony: knitwear is mixed with leather, pony with jersey, leather with jersey, mink with felt, highlighting the morphing and uplifting powers of fashion-making. Again, a symbol of change and rebirth.

Accessories include the multi-purpose, ever-changing Mosaic Bag -  blueprint of constructivist functionalism – and mink slippers.

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