V&R Monsieur FW14

For their Autumn/Winter 2014 Monsieur collection, Viktor&Rolf juxtapose classic menswear tailoring in grey flannel with tracksuits; bridging the gap between classically sartorial menswear and sportswear.

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With emphasis on the modern theme, the seasonal silhouette is comprised of slim-fit garments, transmitting a sportive, mobile feeling throughout the collection. The selection and use of technical, bonded fabrics – particularly mesh – accentuates this concept. Using fresh reinterpretations of classic flannels and patterns such as mixed-up checks give a playful, ironic twist.

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The color palette draws from a classic grey mélange and navy base and is accented with fresh shades of burgundy, mustard and azure.

Key technical details defining the collection include; bonded raw-edge styles, which reinvigorate the classic flannel wardrobe injecting a sportive energy, bi-colored/double-face fabrics illuminate garment interiors, sportswear paneling is used in a sartorial context and there are unexpected uses of ribbing, heat-welding tapes, foil prints and concealed zippers providing surreal performance-wear details.

22-V&R-LB-DAY1_REDO-013 19-V&R-LB-DAY1-097 18-V&R-LB-DAY1-031 14-V&R-LB-DAY1-043

Prints and embellishments are inspired by re-purposing mesh fabric, giving it a luxurious twist, as seen via embroidery on shirts or as a Jacquard development for outerwear or evening jackets.

25-V&R-LB-DAY1-053 26-V&R-LB-DAY1-076 23-V&R-LB-DAY1-105 24-V&R-LB-DAY1-022

Accessories are highlighted by a group of non-conventional brogues – offered in black, burgundy and navy – which fuse the very classical brushed-leather brogue with a special colored micro-rubber running foamed sole executed in yellow, white and grey tones. The key style from this offering litterally combines a running shoe in a reflective, technical light grey, with a traditional brushed-leather brogue, giving it the appearance of a dynamic, modern running shoe – it has laces in the same yellow/grey shades as the sole.

The collaboration with artist Piet Parraon printed artworks continues this season adding to the irreverent spirit of the Monsieur wardrobe.

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