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Bombardini Herzenschatzi Komm, komm komm komm / Come Sweetheart, come come come. Oh restless longing, oh never-­‐ending romance, oh heaps of valentines unsent. Graphite on paper, graphite on paper, repeat. Graphite on paper, oh, come, come, come! Emma Hauck at the dawn of the 20th century, madly in love from her asylum in Wiesloch Germany, is Steven Tai’s muse in full bloom for the spring to come.

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Her indecipherable sweethearts, overlapping more and more on thin paper envelopes, soften to delicate embroidery on Sophie Hallette cotton tulle, to the bluest hue from Korean artist Il Lee’s ballpoint pen artwork. To slivers of foam too, for what will be this season’s most magical signature piece. Repeat, repeat, sweetheart, repeat. Towards washed away sands and washed denim, soothing mints and pastel greys, the consuming nature of perpetual devotion, desire, stuck at its peak.

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From 1909 to the 1990s, Steven’s own teenage memories of loose hip-­‐hop silhouettes, tank tops and bombers and dungarees, come to contrast and lighten the mood, familiar and fresh, carefree as streetwear can be once the vernal equinox has passed us by.

And yet certain Edwardian sensibilities persist in the details: denim is pleated with careful, quasi-­‐romantic expertise, vinyl and yellow basketball mesh are lovingly handled like lace.

Come come come, sweetheart.

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