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The collection story is based on Ximon Lee’s teenage fantasies and recurring dreams, of navigating through the light beam house, desert mirage and deep water pound. Different locations and characters are blend into each other reflecting both real life experience and unconscious desire. The mix of material and texture are the highlight of this collection. Bonded natural fabrics, silicone concealed garment details, embroidered electric stripes, rubber coated knits and acid wash denim are composed with exaggerated finishing into extreme forms. Classic dark workwear palette counterbalanced with lighter washed out denim tones and vibrant metallic.

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Emphasizing streamlined silhouettes through a combination and contrast of textures.

Unexpected combinations of fabric weights challenge the initial expectations of the wearer. Through a combination of stripes, stitched lines, and pleated materials an element of visual linearity is carried throughout the collection.

Tweaking classic tailoring and streetwear staples – specifically the Overcoat, Bomber, Perfecto and Denim Jacket.

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A melding of different identities and codes to create uncanny forms – The shapes and icons seem familiar but are shifted into uncommon territory through use of displaced seams, bonded fabrics, and customized hardware.

This collection marks a new page in the vocabulary of XIMONLEE’s use of denim washes and wools, and special attention given to tailoring and refining signature shapes used in past collections. Unexpected pairings of Suiting and Ponte, Denim and knit, Tech and Traditional, etc.

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Updated Classics – In search of the perfect fitting T-shirt, pullover, and mock neck. Knits are done in a variation of rib standards, fit for layering under and over woven styles. Updated ribbing provides new textures and alternative ways to create volume. Chunky ribs are paired with bombers, act as cummerbund waists for pants styles, and thickly knit socks.

Refining signature shapes from previous seasons, a new slimmer fitting pant has been added to counterbalance top heavy silhouettes. Commercial pieces include riffs on classic sport shorts, cut in terry cloth, wool suiting.


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