Yvonne Siegenthaler’s Bizarre Elegance

Text by Haris Giannouras

Contemporary fashion is a perplex and difficult field to understand where aesthetic references, inspirational backgrounds and functionality all chaotically mesh together, giving life to a quirky hybrid, as dangerous as it appears fascinating. A cultural phenomenon in position to brag about its power to transcend the already blurred lines between what one decides to name art and what fashion. The work of emerging fashion designer Yvonne Siegenthaler is a prior example of this creative case of 21st century’s deconstructive take on fashion.

yvonne_siegenthaler3 yvonne_siegenthaler5

Retro inspired prints, shear pants, fur and embellished tops, all play their role as costumes from a future that knows and respects it’s past, without loosing it’s will and love for what lies ahead. Her bizarre mannequins resemble a still frame right out of a Wes Anderson movie, while at the same time evoking a bit of Miuccia Prada’s early quirky aesthetic, almost like what an eccentric new age bourgeois would wear just to go to the grocery store.

yvonne_siegenthaler2 yvonne_siegenthaler1

But the most intriguing part is the open dialogue, even a fight one could say, that Siegenthaler’s work process represents, that is the everlasting lover’s quarrel between a conceptual highly poetic approach and the need to fulfill the basic functionalist need of dressing. Whether we end up denying the prior west contract of proper clothing and finally embrace what makes us truly an avant garde wearable art experiment, one thing is certain. Yvonne Siegenthaler is a creative voice with humor, wit and innovative vision, gracefully balancing quirkiness and elegance.

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