Photographer Pawel Pysz opens his heart to The Kinsky..

“After four years of primarily shooting beauty images with female models and artificial lights in a studio setting, I decided to embark on a personal exercise and do exactly the opposite. Studio and artificial lights were ditched in favour of sunlight and an outdoors location.

I rented a car and we left London in the morning on a summer’s day to drive south to find a spot along the coast to do the shoot. It didn’t take long and we found a place and parked the car and started shooting. The overcast weather with the occasional sun-rays beaming through the clouds, the location with the sand and it’s flora and the sound of the sea, created a rather calm and serene atmosphere which became the backdrop of this set of photographs.”

1pawel pysz

Pawel started his career in photography as a photographic assistant in Hamburg, Germany.


After two years he decided to relocate to London where he quickly found work in assisting established photographers such as Liz Collins, Terry Richardson, Tom Munro, Mikael Jansson and Miles Aldridge with whom he worked as a full-time assistant for four years.


He has now moved on to focus on his own work specializing in beauty, men and portraiture. Pawel’s work has been featured in magazines such as Vogue China, Wallpaper, AnOther, Interview, Self Service and VMan.

Photography:  Pawel Pysz
Photoassistant:  Vanya Barwell
Hair: Yoshifumi Masuda
Make Up:  Emily Maergert
Model: Billy Lowry @ Next

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