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What do you do?
This and “how old are you?” are one of the worst questions I ever get asked. I usually panic when I sign my little green card on flights when I am asked this by customs. Not sure what I do to be frank. I make images. Sometimes they move, sometimes they are still and sometimes they are real life physical scenarios. We live in a different world now especially in a world of direction. You have to do everything. Guide a pattern maker, make products, build spaces, develop art direction to directing a films. I guess, “they were blind, the only saw images.”

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You have recently moved to Paris from Australia?

Yes, I have been wanting to move to Paris for a long time and have been coming here loads over the years. I love Australia. I spent so much of life there. Making mistakes, thinking and failing and soaking in the breathtaking landscape of nothingness and everything. Failure is important. It helps with authenticity. Australia to me is the opposite of Paris. We have a limited past so we go searching. Searching for meaning. It’s like a marriage between meaning and meaninglessness. I am proud of my achievements in Australia and feel guided by some of the ghosts of that place like Leigh Bowery, Helmut Newton and Percy Sauvage. Their story has guided me to Paris. I feel like I am meant to be here at the moment, the feeling is greater than my meager mind. I am very superstitious. I don’t believe in elitism and ego’s of major cities. Life is life… love is love… history is history…

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What are your proudest achievements in Australia?

I have always been obsessed with menswear. I had my favourites. Raf Simons and Mr Kim Jones. I think so much of me is influenced by Britain and coming from Australia and I could relate to Kim. I think he is one of the best menswear designers of our time. He is defiantly in the league of some of the British design greats like Hardy Amies, Alfred Dunhill, Christopher Nemeth and Vivienne Westwood. I convinced Kim to come to Australia and show his Spring/Summer 07 collection at a small event I put together with my friends. I still have one souvenir he gave me. It is a Navy T-Shirt that reads, “you want me to say who I am.” Australia is all embracing of sportswear. I’m a child of club life. My friends from the clubs from over the world come visit me in Paris sometimes and I photograph them. I am meeting my club family here in Paris too. There are so many great DJ’s like Emmanuel Caurel, Mille Carro and Patrick Vidal.

Also, I enjoyed a small teaching stint at RMIT school of fashion where I spoke about image making. The programme is great there and is certainly world class. I also worked with Ingrid Verner who has a small label in Australia. I directed some campaign work there and we had loads of fun.


What have you been working on lately?

I worked on a music video in the Australian bush with Director Emma Freeman for CoCoRosie just before I moved to Paris. More recently, I photographed a series of images for Krishna Godhead and Katherine Grace. Friends that live in Indonesia. I photographed a series of images I shot in Paris of Katherine in clothes they had made and Krishna colored them. They are quite beautiful. I am enjoying using the camera at the moment. I feel like Paris slows down time to still frames. I am enjoying this for now. I have been spending time with Josephus Thimister who is a designer I really admire. I am learning loads about life, love and blood. Most of all I am enjoying meeting the Parisian woman. I am learning so much of her romance, beauty and spirit. It is a delicacy and grace in the feminine self I have never experienced before. These women leave my heart racing, enchanted and shy.


Which part of Paris have you chosen to live?

Dans la maison de mes rêves


What would you like to experience of more in Paris?

Haute Couture. I was born to children of the Mediterranean. No so much expensive dresses, lace, beading and embroidery but dreaming. I was around Orthodoxy rituals on many levels. I am fascinated by the dress codes. I still burn frankincense resin when I rise in the mornings. I recently learned that in Egypt, love and wind mean the same thing. Dreaming is very important to me.


What are you excited about at the moment?

R.M Williams, Alaïa (always and forever) and the rise of the fifth dimension.


Why Paris?

I’m not sure where else I would go to peak through the looking Glass

Kim Jones and John Ibrahim

Favorite words?

Attract them by the way you live. ~ St. Augustine.

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