Brave Heart…. PATRONS Paris Autumn/Winter 2016.17


“For this new Fall/Winter collection entitled “Brave Heart”, PATRONS has flown to Northern Ireland.   On the rugged shores of the Giant’s Causeway, a geological formation at the origin of the legend  that gave its name to this place, the Fall/Winter 2016/17 collection is full of surprises.  From raw landscapes to preserved nature, Ireland offers a colour palette that ranges   from luscious green to mineral grey as well as ocean blues.   This season also announces major changes for Patrons. In order to improve fur- ther the quality of our products we are now working with new manufacturers   in Europe, in particular in Portugal and Italy.  

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This collection also introduces a new cut for our five pocket trousers,   a knitted sweater and a range of hats and caps created in collaboration with Pauline Brosset, a milliner with a proven track record,   having worked with big fashion labels.  

resize-4  resize-12 resize-13 resize-19 resize-21 Lastly, we have selected noble materials (wool, silk,   cashmere) produced by prestigious manufacturers in   Portugal, Scotland or Italy.  Throughout this collection, PATRONS has   reinvented itself to offer an ambitious and   mature collection by mixing designer   creations with a dynamic wardrobe. 

With a brave heart and daring   choices without losing its   boldness, we hereby share with you you with the Patrons’ man for next   winter.”


Vincent Schoepfer: Artistic Director and Head Designer

Photographer : Manu Fauque

Model : Valentin Soares

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