Cinema Photographique by Michael Durr

When pictures started moving


Michael Dürr‘s “Cinema Photographique” closes the “Summer of Movement” at Vienna’s Museums Quartier – one of the biggest art premises in Europe – with a group showcase by prominent fellow photographers from around the globe.

Michael Dürr _ Porträt (c) by Cinema Photographique_

For nearly a decade the renowned Viennese visual artist promotes his ingenious, cinematographic concept as a means of presentation for photography.

Since its premier during the “Vienna’s Festival for Fashion and Photography” in 2008, Dürr already brought his photographic art concept to various prestigious locations, such as the Zeiss Planetarium at The Prater, the Albertina Museumssäle, both in his hometown Vienna, as well as the Soravia Art Center in Skopje and the Austrian Cultural Forum in London.

On the evening of the 9th of September, following an invitation of MQ’s artistic management, Dürr’s Cinema Photographique” can be experienced for the first time on the big open air screen in the central court of MuseumsQuartier. On the occasion the Austrian photographer will be supported by a number of visual artists, among them world famous creatives such as the Dutch Viviane Sassen

Viviane Sassen _ Porträt_ Viviane Sassen hurtling

as well as the newcomer Markus Jans from Germany – whose contributions will give an exclusive preview on the next issue of “Mann”, a new monthly publication by ZeitMagazin.

Back CameraMarkus Jans _ Fashion _ ZEIT MAGAZIN MANN jpeg

The submitted projects are as various as the protagonists behind the lenses. They range from traditional fashion and portrait photography Massimo Leardini

Massimo Leardini 2 Inbetween_170014 Massimo Leardini 3Inbetween_170023 Massimo Leardini 4 Inbetween_170027 Massimo Leardini iselin ny light Massimo Leardini jenny ny prof massimo_22 001 Massimo Leardini portrait Massimo Leardini vik form extra lysere

Ger Ger

Ger Ger Porträt_ Ger_Ger__Fashion Ger_Ger_Fashion Image_

and still lifes by Katja Rahlwes

Katja Rahlwes Fashion Art jpg Katja Rahlwes Fashion JPG Katja Rahlwes_Porträt_jpg

Sarah Illenberger

Sarah Illenbger Portrait (c) by Stephanie Füssenich_

to conceptual artistry

Stefanie Moshammer _ Porträt jpg Stefanie Moshammer_LOBM_ART

Stefanie Moshammer

Cinema Photographique (c) by Michael Dürr _ Colacaoster_ Cinema Photographique (c) by Michael Dürr _ Colacoaster 8_ Cinema Photographique (c) by Michael Dürr _ Colacoaster 9 Cinema Photographique (c) by Michael Dürr _ Colacoaster 12

Michael Dürr

What unites them, is that their visual style matches Dürr’s own imagery and has to some extent appeared in his works.

This time his part originates from a collaboration with the Austrian musician Colacoaster, featuring pictures of the album cover shooting in Sicily.

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