The Kinsky would like to welcome you to the world of ‘die Zwei’: a photographic love-duo on a mission.


What would you say is your manifesto?

Through photography, film and words we strive to romanticize the individualistic and digitalized world dominated by screens and displays.
We feel that humanity has jumped into virtual reality and we experience the overkill of information and it’s consequences.
It is our mission to bring this hurried world to a standstill, for a moment.

die_zwei_©_Cc die_zwei_©_Hh

Your photography is full of beautiful landscapes. Where are these locations?

Our pictures have been taken all over the world.
We’ve traveled by car through Europe, stopping in countries such as Slovenia (where we took the nude picture of us in the forest, and our- Die Zwei -name was born. Italy where we swam in lakes and made friends with ducks. Morocco, where we got stuck in the desert, London, where we in the middle of winter swam in an ice cold pond in Hamstead heath. We are two people with one mind. We like to wear each others clothes (or 1 item together, the large trouser) We’d like to live in a tree-house, preferably one 0n every continent.


What is next for you?

After out trips around the world, we love to come home and develop our film. The drying negatives bring us right back to our dream world.

die_zwei_©_Dd die_zwei_©_Ee die_zwei_©_Ff die_zwei_©_Gg die_zwei_©_Jj


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