By Haris Giannouras

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 Rick Castro is an iconic figure in the world of bondage and sado-masochistic sex photography, a kind of a modern day Marquis de Sade who explores and captures even the darkest and most vulgar sites of human sexuality.

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For the aw14 Rick Owens menswear campaign he recruited models aged from 65 till 90, placed in a dark cold background, dressed in total leather outfits, high knee black boots, oversize long T-shirts and headpieces resembling a goth inspired burka.

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The most interesting and mesmerizing about Catsro’s work is not only the way he created an ideal atmosphere for Owen’s collection, an aesthetic frame in a direct dialogue with the designer’s signature expressive vision, yet also how he managed to overcome the limits of a fashion presentation and approach that of a pure art creation.

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His dark fetish monks, either starring directly into the lens or turning their backs against it, can’t help but bring in mind images from a medieval fairy tail, or even a religious byzantine iconography, bold compositions showcasing a figurative depiction of Pasolini’s dreams, with a small touch of Abramovic’s early sexually charged work.

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In the end the serene balance between the religious and the violent, the compressed and the libertine is what is imprinted in the viewer’s mind, stills from a fashionable porn movie and at the same time a bold photographic project.

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Photography courtesy of Rick Castro ©

RICK CASTRO: MASTERWORKS from  November 15th, 2014, to commemorate the 9 year anniversary of Antebellum Hollywood

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