Six years after the release of his first photography book, Antwerp-based and internationally lauded hairdresser Pascal van Loenhout is back with a second monograph: UN/CUT. For this 185-plus-pager brimming with arresting images, Pascal van Loenhout created dozens of lobs, bobs, bangs and blunt cuts, leaving it all out there for everyone to see and draw inspiration from.


Lensed by acclaimed fashion and music photographer Charlie De Keersmaecker, UN/CUT packs a wallop as it seamlessly combines a distinctly recalcitrant mood with timeless but off-kilter beauty. Inspired by his own experience growing up as a misfit, Pascal Van Loenhout strays the extra mile from conventional glamour both with the UN/CUT-team and his choice of enigmatic faces and by treasuring rather than deleting the shots made in those off-guard, uncontrived instances of imperfection before the models are camera-ready. Though capturing a specific moment in time, it’s set to continue to enthral both hair aficionados as well as anyone with a penchant for art, fashion, minimalism or beauty in general for a long time to come.


The striking UN/CUT book design by internationally revered graphic designer Paul Boudens, known for his work for Walter Van Beirendonck, Yohji Yamamoto and Haider Ackermann to name a few, is in perfect sync with the signature bold Pascal van Loenhout do’s, instinctively guiding the eye towards the “unhairdressy” looks — as the master himself likes to refer to them.
Instead of the traditional art book intro, Pascal has opted for an uncensored version of his life story. Thanks to this gripping and unflinching testimony of his road travelled thus far, looking back on demons of success and creative crises he has overcome over the course of his career, the book will have an even more resounding impact on anyone who picks it up.
Pascal van Loenhout feels more assured in his craft than ever, constantly evolving in order to provide a fresh face for anyone ready to elevate their look: “I have reached a point where I no longer want to compromise. I am confident in my own gift and purpose and have surrounded myself with extraordinary talent, both in the salon and in the making of this beautiful book. I finally have the pictures that really showcase my ‘unhairdressy’ cuts and we’ve created the editorial feel that I had been looking for. Perhaps most importantly, I can honestly and proudly stand by my life story. I feel like I’ve set a new standard for myself, and for the craft. There has never been a hairdressing salon that has released an all-encompassing work like this.”

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Pascal van Loenhout, owner of seminal salon PASCAL VAN LOENHOUT ANTWERP, is one of the most exciting hair stylists of recent times. While originally a student of the British approach towards hairdressing, Van Loenhout has created his own lane and amassed a devoted set of followers enamoured by his unique blend of cutting sensibilities. Whether by working with the legendary milliner himself on the MoMu Antwerp expo “Stephen Jones & The Accent of Fashion” or by defining looks for the whole avant-garde to follow, Pascal van Loenhout is always looking to create what’s new. Supported by a carefully selected team of specialists holding down the Antwerp business at all times, Pascal van Loenhout is a globetrotter armed only with comb and scissors, constantly invited to take his art of cutting hair to worldwide stages for shows and workshops from Milan to Taiwan and the Royal Albert Hall to Las Vegas.


Releasedate: 21/11/2017, published by Stockmans
EN, 192 PAGES, HARDBACK, 240 X 300 MM, ISBN 9789077207390, PRICE 50,00 €
More info www.vanloenhout.be www.stockmans.be

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