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This sculptural womenswear collection for SS15 entitled ‘Silk Error’ arises from the structural figuration of the accidental encounter with the concrete Pantheon-Monument Gurgulyat. The collection finds proximity mainly in the way how the pantheon cast shadows in a unique illusionary manner altering the overall shape.
Crafted entirely out of pure silk fabrics and leather fragments in combination where both the leather and the silk are with raw edges so that they remain in their most natural way.

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To use silk in today’s dynamic and rational world is a challenge and even more curious is ‘wrongly’ to calm the distinctive ethereality of this natural material, to take away her freedom and to restrict it in a precise geometric shape making its qualities as a metal with its gloss and resistance.
‘Silk Error’ is concentrated in the geometry as a pure form without color. The sculptural silhouettes in this collection turn into objects dressed in the shadow and light of the achromatic range. So tonality is formed. The nuances in the chiaroscuro passes from natural white to silvery grey into graphite black. Although the static in the constructive shape of the collection by free falling shapes it develops in drapery.
A natural finish in this womenswear are the accessories crafted from leather – based on combinations of flat and spatial forms they present the final touch of this utilized silk error.

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Direction: Tea Avosaps
Photography : Yoan Galabov
Model : Vesela Momcheva
Hair : Georgi Petkov
Make up : Marina Mladenova

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