A fabrication-driven brand…Pitchouguina

Designer, Anna Pitchouguina, was born in Russia, studied at the Academyof Fine Arts in Poland, where she grew up and before launching her own brand in August 2013 she gained significant experience while working with several luxury and high end designers in New York and London
Pitchouguina, is now a fabrication-driven brand and each season, at the very beginning of creative process,  the inspiration comes from the intuitive selection of textures and colors .
“The choice of materials for SS16 reflects our own state of mind and it sets the atmosphere around the collection, which we wanted to feel happy and mature, while keeping alive and element of youthful side of a woman. And of course most importantly we wanted to make it white and blue! SS16 collection features a mix of off white, navy and blue colors that create summery, but melancholic seaside feel. We mix stiffer, solid textiles with super fine lace trims and light, flowing fabrics. Collection features a lot of see-through details that overlap and create additional subtle color mixtures with linear and checked woven-in patterns. We concentrated on creating a variety of looks in order to offer both directional, special items as well as casual, everyday pieces. Details such as button up pockets, wide straps and cross backs add a modern, yet feminine touch.”
Model: Corrie @ FM London @corrielej

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