By Marlo Saalmink



Tick Tock.

Time at the helm of our own initiation.

Create. Do not ignore.

Speak. Without trepidation. Tick.

Two hands. Confined to what could have been.


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A silent conductor. Takayoshi Yamanami of DETAJ. A meticulous sculptor rooted in a hidden nondescript Osaka atelier. Its modest core humming with anticipation. As a creator, he remains austerely calm and diligently works on perfecting his aesthetic curation. Not that he needs to express much through his words. A single day maintains so much inspiration. Simply embrace what surrounds us. Confront the slightest of touches. Question the markings on your hands. Embody what each of us can relate to. Simple tools, primal materials, natural corrosion; this is purity found in relevant construction. Pausing, allowing us to see. Adorning here remains subservient to form.

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Detaj is embedded in Osaka, its frayed outskirts, the view of a risen concrete overpass. Underneath Takayoshi-san can be found. Isolated, but not alone. Interaction is exchanged through his observations, the musings of a kind observer. Poetic yet effective.

Keloid scarring. Bonded finger cuts. Bandage textures. Sharpened razors. References translated here into inquisitive subjects. They document the close connection between master and object. Evermore so, they delineate a history of creation. Each of them careful guided, passing through attentive hands, subjecting surface to modulation, leaving a solemn imprint. A traders tag, eventually transcended to the wearer.


In turn, each creation sets off on a journey, wayfaring across time, season or distance.


As they age, natural patina further engraves their personality. Memory lines. What is warmest, is the connective aspect. To adorn oneself with pieces that have been erected out of understatement, is to foster Takayoshi-san’s musings. This dissolves any abstruse narrative. All that remains is touch.


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