Alexander Nimurad’s Untamed Skin

Text by Haris Giannouras


The way one chooses to creatively exploit the aesthetic traditions of his origins is a sample of artistic innovation and synthetic intuition. The case of Romanian Alex Nimurad is a prior example of a contemporary fashion designer in position of carefully combining traditional references with a fresh point of view. His work titled “Untamed Skin and Ensemble of broken Pieces” consists a modern day reinterpretation of a traditional local Romanian blouse. A journey of a lifetime depicted in a series of garments carefully paired with the dramatic and emotional jewelry of Vika Tonu.

DSC_2521 DSC_2551

The heart of the project is the interesting match of emotional influence and historical background, as the series follows five precise stages of a process, almost as if we are dealing with a theater piece, that ends up at an unavoidable death. Costumes of play where the journey to a certain end is perhaps much more important than it’s destination. The models serene and powerful, looking as of they escaped from a Renaissance painting, stare right deep into our minds and souls, captivating our attention. The blouse was made famous by Matisse, Saint Lauren and Tom Ford, a long and intriguing path leading to Nimurad’s 21st century innovative, yet respectful, realization. Another fascinating element are the detailed heart shaped jewels, all filled with emotional power, historical references and clear execution. At the end, this kind of expressive dialogue with the past, gives life to something new. Something raw, elegant and at the same time artistically complete, ready to introduce the fashion codes of the past into the future.

DSC_2235 1

Photography Vlad Birku

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