Andrea Rots, Dress for Pleasure

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Pleasure is a mental state, a positive experience, enjoyable and worth seeking.

A quite irreverent sensation.

Following her first Narcissistic collection ‘Narcissus Uncensored’, Andrea Rots launches another hedonistic collection, F / W 17-18 ‘Dress for pleasure’.

A fetishistic collection inspired by the powerful, dominant women in the streets.

Mysterious women in fetishistic heels that cripple her, bejeweled in faux bijoux,
a graceful kitchness. Women seeking pleasure.


Burning souls,  fierce yet fragile selves that need to be expressed and nurtured through fantasies, through invented storyboards and ideal scenarios.


Garments acting as a layer of confidence and empowerment. Dressing up in ROTS is all about role-playing, dressing for pleasure, for every pleasurable moment.


An assemble of oversized coats and fitted corsets, contradicting silhouettes and textures.
A bipolar collection.


A compilation of blacks accompanied by bold patterns and vivid colors. A need to break the tranquility of the ‘dark’.  A temporary clash.

A twisted desire.

Andrea Rots collection @rots_andrea Photography & Art Direction by Filep Motwary @filepmotwary Hair & Make Up by @andreas_zen Model Kate X. Assistant: Andriana Lagoudes @andrianalagoudes Collaborator: Andreas Michaelides Textiles @andreasmichaelidestextiles  Special Thanks, to Eleni Michaelides, Garose Venera, Natalia Michael and @kristodesign residence


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